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Sounds like a GOOD FUCKIN TIME in my I wanna climb in my own ears, crack a beer, rock my ass off.

D. Giglio

“I really enjoyed this it gave me some pep in my step that I really needed this morning.. Sounds really good honestly really do good for you guys I've heard a lot of good music lately coming out of this site and I'm highly impressed good on you guys excellent job.”

Reverb Nation Fan

Just another rock band playing rock music.
We are a 4 piece original rock band. Everyone in this band has their own distinct styles and it shows in the music we write. Our songs range from straight up rock n roll to our version of funk.
   Whatever the style this band was built to be a high energy live band. Just four guys that love what they do and love meeting new friends to add to our rock n roll family.

Listen to us on all music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon music, Youtube music, apple music, and more.

See you on the road!

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