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Origin:  Carrboro , NC


Genres:  Rock and Roll


Years Active:  2019- Present


Label:  Independent




Effing and Blinding are a 5 piece high energy rock band out of NC and is comprised of music scene heavy hitters Rev(vocals), Bill Willis(guitar), Stu(guitar), LeRon Childs(Bass), and Daryl Mount(Drums). They have crafted a musical style that lingers around the old school 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s rock sound but with a hint of blues and funk sprinkled in for good measure.

In May of 2023 they released their first EP “Just another rock band” that received great reviews from the US all the way to Europe. To support this amazing rock n roll EP they have been bringing their high energy rock show to clubs in the southeast and beyond. If you like in your face rock n roll music you will LOVE Effing and Blinding.

“I really enjoyed this it gave me some pep in my step that I really needed this morning.. Sounds really good honestly really do good for you guys I've heard a lot of good music lately coming out of this site and I'm highly impressed good on you guys excellent job.”Reverb Nation Fan"




            Article by Vox Music Media 6/24
This powerhouse group brings an electrifying performance to the stage, blending raw talent with an explosive stage presence, they reminded me a lot of the Black Crowes.

Soaring guitars and live drums meet with a twist of psychedelic sound-play, as we follow this meandering voice through a long-form progression questioning the world and the paths we choose. Loaded with imagery and metaphor, the song builds up beautifully, dropping in with a seductive blues-rock instrumental that would no doubt kick up an epic vibe at live shows.

With Rev on vocals, Bill Willis on guitar, LeRon Childs on bass, and Daryl Mount on drums, the band delivers a real and pure rock energy that is impossible to ignore.


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Past and Upcoming shows

Sat. March 18- The White Rabbit                 Fayetteville, NC
Sat. April 29, 5:00PM- The Gator Festival  Waccamaw, NC
Sat. May 22 , Recording studio                          Mebane, NC
5/10/23 -@ The White Rabbit  with Fear State and The Gray                                                                                                             Fayettville , NC
6/23 TBA                                                              Durham , NC
6/30/23 - Bullpen back yard with THE FIFTH   , Roxboro, NC                                      
7/15/23- The Speakeasy  with Blind Joy  ,Carrboro, NC             
9/29/23- Local 506 with Aittala/ Blind Joy. Chapel Hill NC
10/7/23- The Corner Pocket with  The Hoots. Raleigh NC
12/16/23-The Night Rider with Blind Joy/ Back 2 Xero, Raleigh NC (FREE SHOW)
2/24/24- Reboot Arcade Bar /with Blind Joy,  Winston Salem, NC 8PM
4/12/24- TBA, with HDHE / Trailer Park Orchestra   Greensboro NC
4/20/24- TBA
4/26/24- The Bad Apple Tavern/ with Back 2 Xero, Lucuma, NC
05/4/24- Castle Hoke, Star Wars Concert, 6 bands, Raeford, NC
5/31/24- The Night Rider with Money Shot, Raleigh , NC
8/10/24- The White Rabbit with Fear State, Fayettville , NC
8/17/24- The Night Rider With Special Guest Half Drunk Hollow Eyed, Raleigh , NC
9/20/2024-NC Indie Music Festival Sanford, NC
10/24- The Local 506 with TBA Chapel Hill, NC

Just another rock band manager
Phone: 336-792-0636

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